Join us in our work with our study of the Holy City through our "Metaphysical Building Stone" packets below. We've enjoyed correlating an aspect of our Christian Science nursing facility with each of the

12 foundation stones found in the Holy City

St. John describes in Revelation 21.


March 2021
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Building: Blessing our building

Foundation stone: Chalcedony – gratitude for Christ truth


February 2021
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Building: Landscaping

Foundation stone: Chrysolite – truth appearing

Beryl resized.jpg

January 2021
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Building: Furnishings

Foundation stone: Beryl – joy, agelessness

stone- chrysoprase

December 2020
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Building: Flooring

Foundation stone: Chrysoparasus – eternal life

red obsidian - nov-iStock-sm.jpg

November 2020
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Building: Communication Systems

Foundation stone: Jacinth – might

October 2020
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Building: Water – plumbing

Foundation stone: Sardonyx – harmony of bride and groom

Stone Sardonyx  iStock-1057279702.jpg
Topaz - Sept stone rezised by JM.jpg

September 2020
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Building: Lighting

Foundation stone: Topaz – love & spirituality

August 2020
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Building: Roof

Foundation stone: Amethyst – love, spiritual power

stone sardius-june -iStock-177024637.jpg
stone jasper iStock-477547524.jpg

July 2020
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Building: Windows

Foundation stone: Sapphire – Sincerity, Constancy, Truth





June 2020
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Building: Doors & Gates

Foundation stone: Sardius – Courage, Wisdom

May 2020
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Building: Framing and Walls

Foundation stone: Jasper – light-illumination





April 2020
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Building: Foundation

Foundation stone: Emerald – immortal and incorruptible