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The Skilled Christian Science nursing wing provides a refuge for those who need skillful care and support with personal care, meal assistance, mobility, and cleansing and bandaging. Christian Science nurses minister to each need--assisting and comforting, while upholding a mental atmosphere conducive to healing. The Christian Science nursing department assesses each patient to determine their care needs.


​Patients have a private room and bathroom that includes housekeeping and laundry services, and supplies needed for their care. Delicious meals can be modified in order to meet individual needs. Weekly hairdresser services, if desired, are billed separately.


A variety of activities are available including informal Sunday and Wednesday church services, Reading Room materials, and online access to Christian Science programs.


Patients receiving Skilled Care are required to have daily Christian Science treatment from a Christian Science practitioner of the patient’s choice currently listed in The Christian Science Journal.


All who come to Peace Haven for Skilled Care are supported by the Christian Science nurses and staff with love and the expectancy of healing, spiritual growth, and progress.




Christian Science Nursing Care 1

Minimal assistance is provided by Christian Science nurses. This level of care may include light assistance with personal care, dressing, and walking.

Christian Science Nursing Care 2

Christian Science nurses provide assistance with personal care, cleansing and covering, mobility, including use of mobility aids and/or mechanical lifters, or special meal requirements including modification of foods and/or assistance with meals. Oversight is provided by a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse.


Christian Science Nursing Care 3

Skilled assistance and daily assessment of care needs are provided by one or more Journal-listed Christian Science nurses. This level may include skilled care with bathing, cleansing and covering, mobility, or special meal requirements.

Skilled Nursing Rates
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