Peace Haven Association

12630 Rott Road

St. Louis, MO  63127

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Call: 1-314-965-3833

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Valerie Hickam

Executive Director/Administrator
314-965-3833 ext. 155

Karen Grimmer

Acting Director of Operations & Director of Human Resources

314-965-3833 ext.151


Cathy Farrell

Director of Christian Science Nursing
314-965-3833 ext. 214

Brooke Enoch

Director of Christian Science Nurses Training
314-965-3833 ext. 251

Brian Webster

Director of Development
303-881-2573 (cell) or 314-965-3833 ext. 159

Barry Rosen

Facilities Manager
314-965-3833 ext. 152

Visiting Christian Science Nurse

314-965-3833 ext. 214

or 314-420-3135