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Christian Science nursing care is available for calls beyond our walls through the Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service. This service responds promptly to calls throughout the St. Louis area and beyond, compassionately ministering to those relying on Christian Science for treatment, seven days a week. Visits, typically scheduled for one or two hours, include help with mobility and activity, nourishment and food preparation, bathing, and bandaging. For questions or to arrange a visit, please call our dedicated VCSN line 314.420.3135 or our main line 314.965.3833. 

Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service Rate:  $55 per hour (1 hour minimum) - Additional charges for supplies and travel may apply


Financial Assistance is available from the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing ( and from Peace Haven. If you have questions regarding financial assistance or the Peace Haven Financial Aid application, please contact the Director of Operations at 314.965.3833.

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