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Volunteer Opportunities

Your active participation in Peace Haven’s mission is vital to our ability to provide an atmosphere supportive of spiritual healing through Christian Science. Your gifts of time and talent can contribute to progress and healing. Some of our current volunteer activities include:

Participating in on-site Christian Science Activities

  • Serve as a readers, musicians, or soloists at our weekly, informal Sunday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon services 

  • Sing or play an instrument at our hymn sings

Sharing a talent or experience with residents or patients

  • Perform music or give an art demonstration

  • Give presentations – let us know what you would like to share! You could share a hobby, present a travel slide show, teach us about technology, cultural experiences, or current events


Performing other helpful activities

  • Shopping for residents

  • Sewing and mending

  • Helping at special events


We look forward to volunteers helping with the following activities in the future.

Provide companion activities for individual residents or patients

  • Share in conversation

  • Write letters

  • Provide instruction on basic technology use

  • Read aloud from the Bible, Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and other authorized Christian Science literature

  • Prepare and share an arts & crafts or other activity


For more information, please contact Peace Haven’s Activities & Volunteer Manager, Peggy Baker (

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