Individuals in the Light Assistance program are lovingly supported in their independence and active spiritual growth. Christian Science nurses provide watchful, tender oversight and assistance in a safe family setting conducive to healing and regeneration. Delicious meals are served in the dining room where a variety of activities are also offered each day. A private furnished room and bathroom are included, along with housekeeping and laundry service. Additional charges for supplies or postage may be applied. Weekly hairdresser services, if desired, are billed separately. This setting is available at a four-week minimum, after a two-week trial visit. 


Regular contact with a practitioner listed in the current issue of The Christian Science Journal is required. The Christian Science Nursing Department may require daily treatment for a resident in Light Assistance. The Christian Science Nursing Department will assess individual care needs to determine their care level.


Individuals who desire to be admitted in the Light Assistance setting are:

  • seeking a supportive environment, with an expectancy of healing

  • fully relying on Christian Science for healing and are committed to ongoing spiritual growth and progress

  • committed to daily Christian Science study

  • desiring to contribute to the spiritual atmosphere of home at Peace Haven

  • recognizing the importance of individual demonstration of normal activity

  • willing to participate in facility-sponsored activities


Joy, vitality, friendship, variety, and prayer are a natural part of daily activity. Informal Sunday and Wednesday church services are provided each week by volunteers from local Christian Science branch churches. In support of each individual’s practice of Christian Science, our Manager of Inspirational Programs provides a weekly sharing of Bible-based insights from the Christian Science Bible Lesson. A Community of Healers group meets regularly in prayerful support of the community and world. We also enjoy accessing online Christian Science programming together. A variety of other group activities are offered, including daily group Bible Lesson reading, Botanical Garden presentations, travel slide shows, animal visits, hymn sings, and other activities provided through our Volunteer Coordinator. Occasional outings in the Peace Haven mini-bus may include drives through nearby Lone Elk Park, viewing Christmas lights, and visits to St. Louis attractions.


All who stay with us in Light Assistance are welcomed and supported each day by the Christian Science nurses and staff with love and expectancy of healing, spiritual growth, and progress.




Light Assistance $4,980 Monthly

Support is provided for generally independent individuals needing some oversight and assistance with personal care, bathing, getting dressed, and mobility, including gentle reminders and encouragement. All meals are served in the dining room.


Light Care $6,240 Monthly

Support is provided to those needing more hands-on Christian Science nursing care with personal care, bathing, getting dressed, and mobility, including gentle reminders and encouragement. All meals are served in the dining room.