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Manager of Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service

This position is responsible for assessing the Christian Science nursing needs of our community and developing an active Visiting Christian Science Nurse (VCSN) program for St. Louis and surrounding States.

The Manager provides active Christian Science nursing to VCSN home calls, making initial visits, evaluating care needs, determining appropriate follow-up and maintaining field service records. In addition, administrative responsibilities include communicating with local Christian Science churches and practitioners, presenting seminars for community members as needed and in coordination with the Christian Science Nurses Training department, and working with other Visiting Christian Science Nurses to ensure continuity and appropriateness of patient care. Reports to the Executive Director.


Position Requirements Include:        

  • Membership in The Mother Church

  • Membership in a Journal-listed branch Church of Christ, Scientist, or a Christian Science Society

  • Christian Science Class Instruction


Position Qualifications Include:

  • Meets the requirements of Article VIII, Section 31, “Christian Science Nurse,” in the Manual of The Mother Church, at the level of training received

  • Has successfully completed at least two levels of Christian Science Nurses Training, or equivalent

  • Has worked in the field as a private duty or visiting Christian Science nurse for a minimum of two years

  • Is flexible, available, and metaphysically prepared to meet a variety of needs at all times

  • Listing as a Christian Science Nurse in The Christian Science Journal

Apply Now By Completing The Following Application

To apply, please complete the above Christian Science Nursing application, including the Authorization to Release Information and submit it via email or fax to Karen Grimmer, Director of Human Resources, at or at 314.965.5260 (fax). If you have any questions, please contact Karen directly at 314.965.3833 ext. 163.  Please read and retain the Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services and Practice Model.

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