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Journal-listed Christian Science Nurse

“This awareness of the grandness of purpose included in Christian Science nursing was the major incentive that inspired me to continue.”

My experience in becoming a Christian Science nurse truly felt like unfoldment. It took several steps along the way before I submitted an application to an introductory course in Christian Science nursing. This unfoldment took place over a period of approximately six years, in what seemed at first like pure coincidence, but showed me a greater plan through God’s guidance.


I had friends who just began bringing up the idea of Christian Science nursing to me. It started as casual conversations and then became a little more insistent over the years.


I thought Christian Science nursing sounded noble, but I did not seem to possess the push needed to initiate any action. Little by little, my heart was being drawn nearer and nearer to this ideal. I believe it was during this period of heartwarming, that it dawned on me—what seemed like pure coincidence when others talked about my looking into Christian Science nursing, now took on a new tone—that of guidance. This shift in my thought coincided with a natural interest and desire to grow in an occupation that was hewn out of necessity, and one where I would be more involved with people.


I felt a yearning to have a deeper purpose and direction that culminated one day when a friend at my workplace had a flyer that included information about an introductory class in Christian Science nursing. I was late getting my application in to attend the class. I fortunately was accepted into the class and my plan was to attend the class for at least a week, maybe the whole two weeks, and then go back into landscaping. However, one step led to another, and I found myself at the end of the two weeks entertaining the idea of continuing. I would say at this point I found the need to take the idea of Christian Science nursing seriously.


I felt that it was no longer a coincidence that led me to this point, but some sort of “Master plan,” if you will. Casual interest naturally transformed into earnestness, and I caught faint gleams that the door opening into the realm of Christian Science nursing had a greater purpose than personal interest would allow. I felt a much greater cause at work bringing me forward. This awareness of the grandness of purpose included in Christian Science nursing was the major incentive that inspired me to continue. So much so that what seemed to be a fairly unlikely direction for me only two weeks prior, now became exactly where I was headed.


It still kindles a little fire of vitality in my heart to think back on this experience. I am grateful for the determined and persistent nature of God’s guidance. This journey was exactly what I needed to go forward with this great ministry!

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