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Journal-listed Christian Science Nurse

"My path on Love’s divine adventure."

I was surprised when two friends from my branch church in Minneapolis chose to exchange their travel and education careers for that of prayer and service as Christian Science nurses. Even though, I had experienced the blessing of healing at a Christian Science nursing facility at one time, training to become a Christian Science nurse was not something my 30-something, live-for-today lifestyle wanted to consider. My desire to understand this new career choice my friends had made, coupled with the fact that I was in a job transition myself, led me to attend a care workshop at a local Christian Science nursing facility.


The folks attending the workshop had different backgrounds and ages, but the same sincere desire to bless. My motive for attending the first part of the seminar was to gain an understanding of the reasoning behind my friends’ choice to begin training as Christian Science nurses. However, my motivation to attend the second day of the workshop was not only to satisfy my curiosity, but to learn more about Comfort’s art. As I was praying about my own next career adventure, this passage from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy inspired me, “Practice not profession, understanding not belief, gain the ear and right hand of omnipotence and they assuredly call down infinite blessings.” So, I reasoned, I wanted to stay in the practice business, being about my Father’s business. 


Somehow, I thought of training as a far-off goal, maybe in the fall of that year. However, when I called the Christian Science nursing school a loving voice informed me that the next Basic Nursing Arts class was going to happen in March. In March? As in, two weeks away, March? No way could I possibly consider that option. Mortal mind immediately tossed me a career-curve ball with anxious limiting suggestions. Wanting to give the entire opportunity prayerful consideration, we agreed to speak the following day.


As I gave thought and study about this concept, I realized how God had been shepherding me toward this decision. I felt loved, guided, and guarded through each step of the process. So, I decided to make like a sheep, and let God’s goodness take the lead and continue to unfold this divine adventure. At the end of my interview process we chatted about God’s divine adventure and to “hang on for the ride.”


So, I did! I completed the Christian Science training, worked as a private duty Christian Science nurse, and currently working in a community of other Christian Science nurses under the healing roof of a Christian Science care facility. I love that I am able to continue my practice of Christian Science and exercise the healing presence of Comfort’s art.


                        “Ask God to give thee skill

                        In Comfort’s art:

                        That thou may’st be consecrated be

                        And set apart

                        Unto a life of sympathy.

                        For heavy is the weight of ill

                        In every heart:

                        And comforters are needed much’

                        Of Christlike touch.”

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