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Journal-listed Christian Science Nurse

“God knows me better than I know myself - what a relief!”

After helping a member of my immediate family during a challenge for three months, I suddenly found myself asking the question, “What’s next for me?”


I had been working for various non-profit organizations in a large metropolitan area for 10 years and felt it was time for a change. I didn’t know what direction to go, but I knew the answer would come through prayer. I felt I needed to let go of human outlining and trust God more.


A family friend who had known me since I was a child suggested I consider becoming a Christian Science nurse, since she knew I had been helping my relative through Christian Science.


I was very grateful that my relative could stay in a Christian Science nursing facility and experience the love and care of the Christian Science nurses, but I didn’t feel that it was the right thing for me. So, I politely declined and kept praying about other options. Maybe grad school?


I was working full-time at the Reading Room for my branch church, which was a wonderful blessing, but I seemed to still be searching for something else to help others.


My friend contacted me again a few months later and asked if I would continue to consider Christian Science nursing, and I responded that I would think about it, but the answer was still “no.” In the meantime, I was not any closer to deciding on what career path I wanted to take, so I continued to work at the Reading Room.


Well, my friend contacted me again, and explained that there was an Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts class starting in two weeks and asked if I could just try it by sitting in to listen to what it is all about. So, reluctantly, I said “yes” and applied, was accepted, and started the class. Well, after the first week of class, I just knew this was for me!


It was the Truth that drew me in. From that point on and today I definitely go to God first, put self behind, and just listen to what our Father-Mother has to say.


The greatest take away from the experience that led me to Christian Science nursing was that God knows me better than I know myself—what a relief!

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