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Director of Christian Science Nurses Training

The Director of Christian Science Nurses Training (DCSNT) oversees Peace Haven’s Christian Science nurse training program, ensuring that the standards of the Christian Science Nursing Arts (CSNA) program are practiced consistently from classroom instruction to care given on the Christian Science nursing floor.


This key leadership position reports to the Executive Director and works closely with the ED and the Director of Christian Science Nursing and Peace Haven’s director team. The DCSNT directs the daily operations of the training department and has the following direct reports: Assistant Director of Christian Science Nurses Training, Christian Science Nurse Mentors, and a shared administrative assistant.  


The desired candidate will have an exemplary Christian Science nursing ministry and is committed to practicing and mentoring according to the standards set forth in the CSNA program, including a thorough understanding of the ethics of Christian Science nursing and the ability to model and effectively instruct others.  Key competencies include being a strong metaphysician and exhibiting a high ethical standard. A successful track record of leadership and management experience is preferred.


If you are interested in this rewarding leadership opportunity, please contact
Human Resources for more information and a job description today!


Position Requirements Include:        

  • Has successfully completed a substantial Christian Science nurses training program

  • Has been approved, or is willing to be approved, to teach and mentor Christian Science Nursing Arts

  • Has at least ten years of experience in a facility setting and has experience with training, mentoring and many or all aspects of Christian Science nursing

  • Membership in The Mother Church

  • Christian Science Class Instruction

  • Membership in a Journal-listed branch Church of Christ, Scientist, or Christian Science Society

  • Advertises as a Christian Science nurse in The Christian Science Journal; is willing to be listed in the St. Louis area


Position Qualifications Include:

  • Has a deep love of, and desire to support, Christian Science nursing

  • Upholds the ethics and standards of Christian Science nursing

  • Accepts the Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services and the Peace Haven Association Christian Science Nurse Practice Model and models their standards

  • Displays the metaphysical maturity, vision, creativity, proactivity, independence, humor, and grace necessary to effectively lead the CSNT department and contribute to Peace Haven’s success

  • Has a proven record of effective and efficient leadership and management responsibility in either (or preferably both) a Christian Science nursing facility or a business

  • Has experience motivating and developing a staff and maintaining a positive work environment

  • Demonstrates commitment to teamwork and consistently shows respect and support for fellow staff members

Apply Now By Downloading The Following Documents

To apply, please complete the above Christian Science Nursing application, including the Authorization to Release Information and submit it via email or fax to Karen Grimmer, Director of Human Resources, at or at 314.965.5260 (fax). If you have any questions, please contact Karen directly at 314.965.3833 ext.151.  Please read and retain the Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services and Practice Model.

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