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Director of Christian Science Nursing

"A willingness to serve."

Several years ago a dear friend invited me to join him at a Christian Science church service. I was going through a difficult time and was searching for a peaceful more God-centered approach to living. Prior to this my friend and I had many conversations regarding God and His love for His children that left me eager to learn more about this “Christian Science.” So, I accepted his invitation and showed up! And I kept coming. At that time, I was a single mother with three children under the age of 10. I could not wait to enroll them in the Sunday School, which they went on to attend for many years.  Over the next few years, I joined a Christian Science branch church, The Mother Church, and later took class instruction.


By now I had been attending Christian Science services for a while and gaining much inspiration, but I still felt I needed a better understanding of how to demonstrate healing. I started to prayerfully work with “the scientific statement of being”, (Science and Health, page 468) and the Lord’s Prayer. One of my very first demonstrations involved my youngest son who had cut his hand and even though it was bandaged, the next day while on our way to the zoo, it began to bleed quite heavily. I prayed for him and then decided to continue on our journey to the zoo to look for a place to re-bandage the cut. When we arrived at the zoo, I proceeded to get him out of the car and the bandage he had on his hand was lying on the floor. There was no blood on him and there was no mark on his hand! He was completely healed. This was a springboard for many healings in our family. 


At the time I owned a restaurant that I loved and enjoyed very much, however, I kept getting a message that there was something more I should be doing. Where could I be a blessing based on this new understanding of God? One day I saw that a local nursing home was seeking an Activity Director. I thought, “Well, that’s certainly something I could do,” so I applied and was offered the position. As I left the facility I knew it was not my right place, but I knew the Father had something else for me to do. The next thought was, “What about that place I pass every day called Peace Haven?” I had been told it was a place for Christian Scientists. Perhaps I could be their Activity Director! So I went directly there to apply and was greeted by the Administrator and Director of Christian Science Nursing. Their loving embrace at the front door was just what I needed. They informed me that there was already an Activity Coordinator at the facility, and then they asked if I had ever considered becoming a Christian Science nurse? A what? I had never thought or heard anything about Christian Science nursing. After an enlightening and informative talk, I left Peace Haven soaring with the idea of becoming a Christian Science nurse. I submitted my application and was enrolled in a Christian Science nurses training program the next month. I was educated, mentored, supported, and loved as I went into the full-time ministry of Christian Science nursing.


Becoming a Christian Science nurse has opened the door for many opportunities to behold the perfect man, to see the true reflection, and not believe what the world would hold before us.  Listening to that still small voice and a willingness to serve was how I found my way to Christian Science and Christian Science nursing.

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