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Director of Christian Science Nurses Training

“My love for God continues to unfold; manifested in my love for man, it is expressed through my Christian Science nursing ministry.”

 At the heels of an aggressive challenge being healed, I was seeking to return to the work force. One morning when I woke up, the thought came to me from Hymn 254, “...where Thine own children are, I love to be.” About an hour later, I received a call from a friend that was employed at a Christian Science assisted living home. They were needing to hire a caregiver. 


The healing that I recently had was not just a physical improvement of the body, or the answer to employment, but was growth in my understanding that pure Love impels all of man’s actions. This Love is the source of supply of all man’s needs, and ever-present joy is innate within all mankind. It was so clear that the gratitude for the healing and my love for God and man had increased and led to the proper employment. The activity of the Christ in my own consciousness opened my thought to accept this opportunity, a position caring for and assisting others. 


While working at the home, a visiting Christian Science nurse from the local Christian Science care facility would come in to assist one of the residents. Observing the visiting Christian Science nurse, who was sharing an abundance of joy and making the patient laugh while snapping the patient out of a sense of self, made me realize that I would love to do what she does. Then I remembered that my grandmother had been a Christian Science nurse, having her own home where she cared for others when I was a preschooler. She would ask me to go around and say hello to a couple of the ladies and they were always so happy for the visit. During college, I had resisted thoughts of nursing, thinking of it as physically caring for someone. It was then that it dawned on me: the sharing of joy and its inspiring healing effect is a natural expression of being, and I already include these qualities. It clearly came to me to inquire at the local Christian Science nursing facility; the pathway just naturally unfolded. I had everything that I needed along the way.


My love for God continues to unfold; manifested in my love for man, it is expressed through my Christian Science nursing ministry.

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