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Christian Science Nurse

“This largess of a grateful heart That loves and blesses all.”

Christian Science Hymnal, Hymn 3 

I was so filled with Love from what I heard and how I felt in the one day "Comfort's Art: Exploring the Foundation and Practical Aspects of Christian Science Nursing" seminar held at Peace Haven in April 2018. I knew I wanted to learn more about this Christly work for our Church and its members. As I transitioned from providing full-time care for our daughter I wanted to shift my focus from past work as a graphic artist to supporting our Church and fellow Christian Scientists who are relying on Christian Science for healing.


I knew nursing was connected to the words and works of Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.  However, I was intrigued by how just how acute the connection was that Mrs. Eddy outlined with the provision for this work in the Manual of the Mother Church as a by-law (Article VIII, Section 31, page 49).


I thoroughly enjoyed the Christian Science Nursing Arts Level I class. This training time paired learning the “practical wisdom” for “proper care” each day with the vital aspect of studying the Scriptures to support this mission.


Working on the nursing floor has brought many blessings. I have been touched on so many occasions when the true Christ shone through a challenge and brought reassurance almost immediately.


Hymn 3 from the Christian Science Hymnal has been a special song when getting my small son to sleep and it has become a theme for me while on the nursing floor here at Peace Haven. This hymn speaks to me daily that my purpose is to serve as a Christian Science nurse:


“A grateful heart a garden is,

Where there is always room

For every lovely, Godlike grace

To come to perfect bloom.”


It finishes with this blessing:

“Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God,

Whatever else befall,

This largess of a grateful heart

That loves and blesses all.”

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