Skilled Care

Skilled Christian Science nursing care is provided at Peace Haven for in-patients who require 24-hour care, assistance, and/or oversight. Expectancy of healing is the guiding factor as to the length of stay. All services include private room and bathroom, three meals and snacks daily, housekeeping and laundry services, supplies, a nurse call system and access to church services and other activities. Hairdresser fees are charged separately. Medicare is available for those who meet requirements. Acceptance is through application. Daily Christian Science Practitioner treatment required.

Christian Science Nursing Care 1 $220 per day
Minimal assistance is provided by Christian Science nursing personnel.  This level of care may include light assistance with personal care, dressing, and ambulation.

Christian Science Nursing Care 2 $365 per day
Moderate assistance is provided by experienced Christian Science nurses. This level of care may include help with personal care, wound care, mobility, including use of mobility aids and/or mechanical lifters, or special nourishment requirements including modification of foods and/or assistance with feeding.

Christian Science Nursing Care 3 $510 per day
Greater assistance is provided by one or more experienced Christian Science nurses with oversight by a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse.  This level of care may include assistance with bathing and cleanliness, wound care, mobility, or nourishment needs including modification of foods or special feeding requirements.

Christian Science Nursing Care 4 $612 per day
One-to-one skilled care is provided by Journal-listed Christian Science nurses for patients needing full care and undivided attention day and night.