Christian Science Nursing Arts Training

Peace Haven Offers Christian Science Nursing Arts Training and one-day Comfort’s Art seminars


Are you interested in learning how to take better care of family, friends and church members in times of special need? Or have you been wanting to explore the possibility of becoming a Christian Science nurse and would like to learn more? 

Then come join us at one of our Comfort’s Art Seminars! Learn to help nurse each other from the perspective of Christian Science nursing by assisting others with every day needs such as mobility aids, helping people in and out of cars, nourishment, and more. You also will gain further understanding of what a Christian Science nursing career is all about.

Our workshops are open to all students of Christian Science and is a free gift from Peace Haven. Come spend a day with us!

Who would benefit from our Comfort’s Art workshop? Care Committees, Usher Committees, individuals interested in a Christian Science nursing career, those wanting to assist family members and friends, and anyone who would like to help others in a practical way.

Please let us know if you are interested by contacting Brooke Enoch, Director of Christian Science Nurses Training, at 314.965.3833 or by email

               Note: These seminars are held at our relocation address: Peace Haven at Mason Pointe, 13190 South Outer Forty Road, Chesterfield, MO 6301


Christian Science Nurses Arts Training 

Peace Haven offers Christian Science Nursing education and training as an integral part of our Christian Science nursing services. The Christian Science Nursing Arts (“CSNA”) Training program supports dedicated members of The Mother Church who are preparing to represent themselves as a Christian Science nurse. The training addresses preparation for, and securing a practice in, this spiritual ministry that meets the standard and requirements of the Manual of The Mother Church By-law, “Christian Science Nurse.”  (See Manual, Art. VIII, Sect. 31.) The art of Christian Science nursing is taught in the classroom and supported in practice with mentored instruction in this holy work.  Peace Haven offers this training in partnership with the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Admittance to our CSNA training program is based upon a written application and an interview process.

CSNA classes:

Christian Science Nursing Arts I (Introductory C.S. Nursing Arts)

  • 4-weeks in the classroom followed by 6-weeks mentoring by an experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurse at Peace Haven


 Christian Science Nursing Arts II (Basic Nursing Arts) 

  • 5-weeks in the classroom at Peace Haven followed by 7-8 months on-the-job training and mentoring by an experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurse at Peace Haven.


Christian Science Nursing Arts III (Advanced Nursing Arts)

  • 6-weeks in the classroom at Chestnut Hill followed by a substantial period (usually 9-12 months) of on-the-job training and mentoring by an accredited Journal-listed Christian Science nurse mentor at Peace Haven.


Christian Science Nursing Arts IV (Supervisory Nursing Arts)

  • 5-weeks in the classroom at Chestnut Hill followed by a substantial period (usually 7-10 months) of on the-job training and mentoring by an accredited Journal-listed Christian Science nurse mentor at Peace Haven.

Peace Haven offers students a salary while training and joining Peace Haven’s Christian Science nursing staff.


For more information, or to request an application, please contact:

Peace Haven Association: 314.965.3833, ext. 741104 (Brooke Enoch, DOCSNT)) or by email:

Peace Haven Association
12630 Rott Road
St. Louis, MO 63127