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Peace Haven opened its doors in 1952 in St. Louis, with the purchase of a summer home built in 1917 by the Kahle family. We had three major additions between 1962 and 1986. There came a time when it was no longer prudent to continue maintaining this building, which had parts that were more than one hundred years old.


The Peace Haven Board and staff knew that doing nothing was not an option. In 2014, Peace Haven hired an engineering company to conduct a foundation-to-roof analysis of the building and all interior systems. This confirmed that systems were at the ends of their life-cycles, and that we would need to spend a significant amount of money to remodel, repair, or replace everything that is required for maintaining a functioning building. At that time, the decision was made to construct a new building.


In 2018, the final plans started taking shape. The architect, owner’s representative, and general contractor were selected. From then on, steps of progress have taken place. Our new facility was designed from the ground up for the specific purpose of providing a comfortable and safe environment for our patients, while also providing maximum support for our Christian Science nursing staff.

In 2019, our original concept was to build the new facility in three phases over a three-year period. It then became clear that for the project to be financially feasible, we needed to complete it in one phase, over an 18-month period. Part of this beautiful demonstration included moving to a temporary location in Fall 2019 that continues to perfectly meet all of our needs and has enabled the Christian Science nursing care to continue seamlessly. 


Construction at our Rott Road property began in December 2019. To see phases of the construction click here to go to the BSI Constructors on-site webcamThrough divine inspiration the design for the new facility was carefully executed (see Inside the Design Process and New Facility Architect Renderings for details). Each step of the demonstration illuminated a higher understanding of divine Love’s complete care as we diligently seek, and listen, step by step, for God’s guidance.


In March 2021 we moved into our completed new building. We're so grateful for how the greater community cares and supports one another and for how this care includes providing a place for those to be ministered to by Christian Science nurses in times of need. The completion of this new building was truly a demonstration of love from the greater community. 

Historical Background
Where We Are Today
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