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"If one would be successful in the future,

let him make the most of the present.”

— Mary Baker Eddy

Miscellaneous Writings, p. 230



In February 2021, Peace Haven opened the doors of its new Christian Science nursing facility. This new facility replaced the one Peace Haven had occupied for nearly 70 years. It offers amenities that help our Christian Science nursing staff provide the best possible practical support for patients who are relying wholly on Christian Science for healing.


Knowing the importance of maintaining quality Christian Science nursing, as provided in Article 8, Section 31 of the Manual of The Mother Church, “Christian Science Nurse”, Peace Haven has established a Board-Designated Sustainability Endowment that will ensure the long-term sustainability and viability of Peace Haven.


Purpose: The Board-Designated Sustainability Endowment is designed to provide long-term sustainability above and beyond normal annual operating expenses—particularly, but not exclusively, to cover such areas as sustaining building and grounds for future repairs; replacement, additions, or needed restructuring; sustaining salary and benefits market-competitiveness (e.g., Christian Science nurse and staff wages, retirement, and healthcare benefits); and sustaining Christian Science nurses training (e.g., student tuition, room and board, travel expenses). All withdrawals, as well as their intended purposes, must be approved by a majority vote of Peace Haven’s board.


Endowment funds are managed by a professional investment firm and placed in instruments that reflect the conservative, growth-and-income-based, and value-based guidelines outlined in Peace Haven's financial investment policy.


Opportunity: You are invited to support Peace Haven’s long-term Sustainability Endowment fund. Contributions made to this fund are entirely separate from those used for general operations and should be considered over and above those that are given annually for general operations.


Contribute to this fund online at: (use the Donate button at the bottom of the page and select “Board-Designated Sustainability Endowment" in the drop-down menu)


For cash or electronic transfers, please designate the fund by name: “Board-Designated Sustainability Endowment”

Consider including the Board-Designated Sustainability Endowment in your will or estate. For help with this, go to:


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