Helping Ensure Peace Haven’s Continuity

For nearly 60 years, Peace Haven has supported the radical reliance on Christian Science healing. Our community recognizes the value of this service to individuals, their families, and to the healing vitality of the Cause.

People support Peace Haven by volunteering in our activity programs and church services, by taking up specific metaphysical work, and by making financial contributions through a variety of means. One way is through a will or trust. By designating Peace Haven as a recipient in your will or revocable trust, you can help ensure that future generations of Christian Scientists will continue to have access to the qualities of Christian Science nursing care that Peace Haven provides.

Sample Bequest Language

I give ( _______ dollars) or ( ______ percent of the residue of my estate) or (the following property ______ ) to Peace Haven Association of St. Louis, Missouri to be utilized for its general charitable purposes.

It can be as simple as that. You can do this without any contact with Peace Haven, although we would be pleased to answer your questions, share background on specific needs, and provide information on other aspects of support for Peace Haven. And we would like to personally acknowledge our deep gratitude for your support.

Other details that might be useful:

Legal Name: Peace Haven Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri
Address: 12630 Rott Road, St. Louis MO 63127
Tax Identification Number: 43-0677632
Contact Person: Anne McCauley
Telephone: 314-965-3833
Cell: 317-201-5366
Fax: 314-965-5260
Leslie Gerber,