An Inspired History

Peace Haven Association has a rich and enduring history.  In the early 1940’s, an earnest group of local Christian Scientists began to explore founding a Christian Science care facility in St. Louis.  By this time the Benevolent Association in Boston was well established, having been put forward by The Mother Church Board of Directors in response to Mrs. Eddy’s vision for “…properly conducted institutions where those seeking relief through Christian Science might find such care and attention as would assist in their recovery.”  (Christian Science Sentinel  Vol 19:110, October 7, 1916)

The local group was granted a formal charter in 1945, and over the next two years they purchased property and designed a building.  But in those post-war years the escalating cost for new construction put that plan out of reach.  The group continued to meet, pray for guidance, and seek other solutions.  A report to the field stated “The Trustees are prayerful in this matter and are …mindful of our Leader’s statement from page 82 of Retrospection and Introspection: ‘The wisest power and strongest growth have always been attained by those loyal students who rest on Divine Principle for guidance, not on themselves.’”

The decision was made to search for an existing building that would meet the need, and after vigorous searching found the Kahle estate.  An advisory meeting in early 1951 drew enthusiastic support, and within sixteen months sufficient funds were received to pay for the home in full, including furnishings, minor alterations, and initial operating expenses.  On May 8, 1952 Peace Haven Association opened its doors, free of debt and fully prepared to serve the Christian Science field.

Continuous Service

Peace Haven has proved its worth in active service every day of the ensuing decades.  Various adjustments have been made along the way:  from supervision by a division of The Mother Church to accreditation by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc., and state licensing by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.  The physical plant has changed as well, with major renovations in 1960, 1974 and most recently in 1986.  Throughout those years Peace Haven’s essential mission has remained the same:  to provide Christian Science nursing care to those who rely on Christian Science for healing, and to be a faithful witness to the healings that ensue from this care.