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October 1, 2019

Peace Haven News

Dear Friends,

Our 2019 Fall Appeal speaks to the ongoing demonstration of that forward movement of thought—from the daily operations that provide a shelter for those seeking Christian Science healing, to the wonderful support our Christian Science nurses provide so lovingly each day.  

Our 2019 Fall Appeal benefits all aspects of running Peace Haven operations each day. We ask for your help in raising $75,000 that, once again, will be blessed by a gracious donor who will match all gifts through December 31, 2019. Your donation will practically support every area of our Christian Science nursing ministry: staff wages, benevolence needs, Christian Science nurses’ training program expenses, equipment purchases, and more.

 We recognize and cherish that Peace Haven always has been and always will be a complete idea, representative of God’s ever-present love and our care for each other. With grateful hearts for the remarkable Christian Science community of supporters near and far, we send our love and gratitude to you all!

Thank you!

Love from Peace Haven



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