2018 Annual Meeting – an inspiring event!

July 31, 2018

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Peace Haven’s 2018 Annual Meeting – Thank you!

Peace Haven’s Trustees and staff were delighted to welcome everyone who attended our 2018 Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 10, at two locations: at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, in the morning; and at First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Town and Country, MO, in the afternoon. Both gatherings included reports from a few of our Board members, remarks by our Executive Director, Dir. of Operations, Dir. of Christian Science Nursing, and Dir. of Christian Science Nurses Training, as well as the singing of hymns, and an uplifting, inspiring talk by keynote speaker, Christine Irby Williams, on the topic, “Let Us Rise Up and Build.” It was our joy and privilege to share the good and progress at Peace Haven with everyone who attended in-person and via conference call. Thank you, all!

One attendee share:

I was so grateful to attend Peace Haven’s 2018 Annual Meeting. The remarks by Board members, the Executive Director, and other staff members conveyed such sincere gratitude for the continued good and progress unfolding at Peace Haven. The healings they referenced and the information that they shared highlighted that Peace Haven’s healing ministry is so vital and so needed. Indeed, it is a collective demonstration that each one of us is privileged to prayerfully and financially support. How glad our family is to prayerfully and practically support in different ways, as we can!

Christine Irby Williams’ talk on the topic, “Let Us Rise Up and Build,” was so joyously presented. Chris is a dynamic speaker and she was very engaging! I am so appreciative of several points she made, especially her overview of the Old Testament, her comments about some ways to study the Bible, and the overarching point that what was required of Nehemiah continues to be required of each one of us, regardless of what we think we are striving to build (a wall, confidence, character, or anything else!). This point is so important as I consider how I am prayerfully supporting the news we heard of Peace Haven’s new building and renovations, and of our St. Louis facility’s next steps. Her related points about Nehemiah not being impressed by “the bunk” – that which would try to terrorize or distract him – were also very poignant. So many great points to ponder. I am certainly grateful to have been able to attend Annual Meeting!



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