2016 Executive Director Report

2016 Peace Haven Annual Meeting

leslieA Place Prepared, Leslie Gerber, Executive Director

The outpouring of gratitude at Thanksgiving time humbly opens our hearts in preparation for the advent of the Christmas season. A season of preparing consciousness for the receptivity of the healing Christ. At Peace Haven, our gratitude knows no bounds for all the love and support we have received throughout the year. Thank you!

Our theme for Annual Meeting this year was “A Place Prepared.” Underlying this theme, our reports are filled with sharing of great growth and activity, as well as a frank discussion on the status of our aging building. Big decisions are before us, and we are consecrating thought and prayer to listening for the next steps to take in a joy-filled spiritual journey.

With our healing mission at the forefront, and our pastor at our fingertips, it is inspiring to understand what our true work really is–understanding what already exists.

Turning to the Bible, our divine compass directs us to “places” that were initially unseen, yet when viewed correctly, transformation and enlightenment occurred. A few favorites include:

  • That moment when the woman with the issue of blood reached out to touch the hem of the Christ’s robe. Can you imagine what it must have felt like in that exact moment when the shattering of a false view took place, all because of a laser-like focus to reach that hem point?
  • Or with the story of the loaves and fishes, reaching into a basket and pulling out a piece of bread that just kept appearing from an endless supply. If you were handed that basket today, would you have the faith to reach in and partake of the meal of spiritual reality, unseen to the material senses?
  • Most inspiring is Mary at the tomb in that exact moment when she realized the risen Christ was standing in front of her, calling her name. In a single instant, a mental place of tomb-thought hit a flash point of eternal light. And yet Mary never physically left the place where she was standing.

In each one of these examples, dawning thought was illuminated by Truth and not only did they see, but they experienced their manifested understanding. What powerful moments. From Science and Health we read, “…the Word of God saith to the darkness upon the face of error, ‘God is All-in-all,’ and the light of ever-present Love illumines the universe” (p. 503). That eternal light, the forever moment is the “place prepared” for each one of us.

That’s how I have come to view Peace Haven: a place in the divine consciousness, where divinity embraces humanity. It’s the tip of the healing spear that pierces the belief of anything unlike God. We need to be clear about that. Peace Haven is not four walls where we take sick people. The spiritually scientific model of a facility is that place where radical thinkers are prepared, grounded in love, and ready to embrace, serve, nurture, and care for each other from that point of perfection. All these nursing-type qualities are sprinkled throughout the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings and have a heavenly, healing power to them.

Mary Baker Eddy comments in Science and Health on the Day of Pentecost as an illuminated “influx of divine Science” and light, where the Truth is seen and known. As we are clear that the continuous, illuminated influx of divine light could not possibly be contained within material boundaries, that it is already present here and now meeting our every need, our manifestation of this influx calling itself the St. Louis-based Christian Science care facility, will be a most magnificent structure. And who doesn’t want to be a part of that demonstration?

I joined this outstanding team of devoted nurses and staff five months ago, and have never had a moment where I was not in awe of the dedicated, talented group calling itself Peace Haven. This is a community with a singleness of purpose–a love for and desire to support Christian Science healing. Their lives are a testament to a place, a consciousness, prepared for that Pentecostal influx of divine understanding. These folks are not spectators on the sidelines, they have signed up for a world practice. And they are worthy of our most dedicated support.

This has been a robust year of progress on many fronts. A few highlights:

  • We just finished up Christian Science Nursing Arts II in-class instruction. It was heartwarming to see all the support of the nursing team as they would stop in to help the students on days off. As one nurse shared, “The CSNA program has elevated thought and spiritualized nursing here.”
  • There is also a wonderful sense of fullness going on at Peace Haven no matter which hall you turn down. As our Director of Operations stated, “I love to uphold and protect the idea we are nursing the spiritual vision of man.”
  • Light Assistance and Sheltered Care at Peace Haven is the spiritual, eternal model of man, forever vibrant and full of purpose. The world needs scientific, metaphysical workers and many of these folks voluntarily come together each week to take up treatment for world challenges with great vigor.
  • We have an outstanding group of volunteers and speakers that continue to bless the residents and staff. The impact on the quality of life is tremendous, and we could not be more grateful for all that they do in sharing their gifts with our residents.
  • Our Director of Christian Science Nursing gives us monthly reports of healing and progress. She writes, “I am so grateful to see the true ambition of such an amazing group of individuals here at Peace Haven. Everyone is so dedicated to the mission of serving God and helping the race. The love that is expressed daily is evidenced in healing and harmony.” And the fruitage of this dedicated work is seen from all the heartfelt thank you notes written back to our dear nurses and staff.

When Solomon was building the temple, he was building a state of inspired thought, dedicated to God. And that is exactly what we are doing every day. Come join us, and be a part of something so special to our movement. Remember, we are always home for you, a very special “place prepared of God.”