Gratitude Expressed


Expressions of Gratitude for Nursing Arts Training

From a Christian Science Nurse:

I love that Christian Science Nursing Arts training starts with very clearly stated ethics and arts that are the foundation for all the care activities that we are called on to do. The care activity may change according to the needs of the individual patient, but it is always guided by the ethics and arts. The teachers express such a love for humanity, and they make every effort to find out where we are in our practice, so they can help us more fully represent the Manual By-law for the “Christian Science Nurse.” Coming together with Christian Science nurses from around the country made me feel a broadened sense of working for our Cause.

From a Christian Science Nurse:

I was inspired to take Christian Science Nursing Arts training because I saw the depth and quality of care that my fellow Christian Science nurses were giving to their patients. I appreciate that Christian Science Nursing Arts training focuses on the spiritual atmosphere of thought in the classroom, rigorous dependence on Christian Science demonstration, and the harmonious rapport amongst students and instructors. It is the total reliance on God and Christian Science that stands out to me the most. Because of this, I know I have the best tools to give the best care.

From a Christian Science Nurse, Supervisor, and Instructor/Mentor:

Christian Science Nursing Arts training has shown me how important it is to be a law unto myself. This results in a quality of thought and high standard of excellence. To me, it means allowing the Christ to touch every part of my Christian Science nursing ministry and raise it up. It means demanding of myself the highest quality of work in everything I do. There are great benefits to this demand: I am not only personally blessed and strengthened in my own life, which is a sweet reward(!), but the more I do this, the more my nursing ministry supports, imparts, and witnesses healing. And healing is what the Christian Science movement is all about!

From a Christian Science Nurse, Supervisor, and Instructor/Mentor:

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to receive my training in the Christian Science Nursing Arts. It provides a solid foundation for my nursing ministry, and an incredible support system to my continued growth as a nurse. I see it as being on the rock and covered by the feathers: the rock is the strength of the metaphysical and practical tools we are provided with, and the feathers govern, protect and keep our ministry safe in Love’s omnipresent arms. This training has been essential in allowing me to fully understand that the divine comforter is guiding us as we care for our fellow man. “These two words in Scripture suggest the sweetest similes to be found in any language — rock and feathers:‘Upon this rock I will build my church;’ ‘He shall cover thee with His feathers.’” (Misc. Writings p. 263: 5-8)

From a Christian Science Nurse and Visiting Nurse:

Going forward with Nursing Arts training was an opportunity to grow in Christian Science like no other. It was humbling to learn that God knew me better than I knew myself. I was reluctant to be a Christian Science nurse, but after deciding to try it, within the first week in the introductory class, I knew it was exactly what I needed to do. It was a ministry — not a job — and so it meant grasping a deeper understanding of God and His creation through daily study of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the Bible, as well as Mary Baker Eddy’s other writings. That spiritual sense of “Emmanuel — God with us” is always felt as I go into each room. As we minister to our fellow man and cherish the child of God, the Manual By-law for “Christian Science Nurse” is fulfilled. I am deeply grateful for the dedication of all the Nursing Arts instructors and mentors who have shared their experience as Christian Science nurses, so that this healing ministry continues with Christly love and compassion.

From a Christian Science Nurse and Supervisor:

The Nursing Arts program has been a life enhancing experience. What was taught in the classroom, and in on-the-job training with mentors, carried over to all other aspects of my life. Nursing Arts training taught me valuable lessons about how one can live Christly qualities, and it led me to new perspectives of who and what God is, and who people are as the image and likeness of God, as well as to a clearer sense of selfhood. There were plenty of opportunities to demonstrate and prove the leavening going on all around me — through class discussion, practical hands-on demonstrations in class, and side-by-side mentoring. There was a great reverence for — and focus on — helping us see what mental qualities would be most effective — and really required —as nurse. God was the central focus, and all skills and ethics taught pointed back to this Omnipresent Source. God is certainly directing those who have dedicated their lives to teaching and mentoring in this program — evidenced in the way the program touches one’s heart at a very deep level, such as I’ve experienced. I am truly grateful to have taken part in this high-quality program!

Gratitude for Peace Haven

From a Resident:

Residing in Peace Haven’s independent living program is God’s fulfillment of meeting the “human need” for me. Although I moved away from St. Louis for several years, because I had lived and worked in St. Louis for 42 years — and volunteered at Peace Haven — it has felt like returning home. I’m so grateful. Being in a Christian Science nursing facility guarantees that one is surrounded by those who constantly turn to God for inspiration and answers. The nurses express God’s grace in every situation — they aren’t fooled, or impressed, by the human scene. One always has their support. (Quote refers to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy p.494)

From a Daughter of Nursing Wing Patient:

As we were praying about the right care and place for my mom, the way to Peace Haven simply and clearly opened. As an attorney, I have dealt with a variety of nursing facilities. In comparison, the experience with Christian Science nursing at Peace Haven is focused on each patient as a complete and whole child of God — not ailing, and expectation of complete healing. I have absolute faith that my mom is being cared for out of a genuine sense of love, and a support for each person’s individual expression — without compromise. The way the nurses have embraced our family has enabled us to let go of concern, and focus on healing.

From a Volunteer:

I volunteer at Peace Haven to serve the cause of Christian Science, help Peace Haven maintain its high standards, relieve Christian Science nurses of a chore — like folding laundry — that doesn’t require CS nursing training, and do a fun activity with my wife that benefits others. It’s a real privilege to work in such a loving, healing environment where the staff’s expressed appreciation is icing on the cake. Inspiration and insights gleaned from working at other CS nursing facilities in various capacities have been reaffirmed and deepened.

From a Daughter of Nursing Wing Patient:

When my family needed immediate care for my mom, I called Peace Haven and heard such warm, reassuring, loving readiness. Once we arrived, it felt like we were coming home, we could focus on the healing, and we were surrounded by an expectation of healing…with no limits. This broke the mesmerism for me — the belief that there might be a recuperative process or timeline. I realized I didn’t need to stand aghast at nothingness or fear any retrograde steps, and it broke down barriers in my thought about what kind of progress we could witness.

From a Nursing Wing Patient:

From the moment I arrived at Peace Haven, I knew I was in an atmosphere of healing and love — and felt that love expressed by every single nurse and employee. They care for me with such tenderness. Despite what felt like an emergency situation to me, they were unimpressed, and told me I wasn’t going to stay here — I was going to have a healing and go home. That was so comforting. Indeed, I’ve experienced such healing and progress at Peace Haven, that relatives who are not practicing Christian Scientists are feeling assured that I’m being well cared for, and they have no need to feel fearful.

From an Outpatient Care Recipient:

On two recent occasions, when members of my family visited the outpatient room at Peace Haven, the nurses cared for us with such assurance of divine Love’s care, and steadfast conviction of the supremacy of God and His creation, that we really felt we were in the “atmosphere of Love divine.” These visits helped us maintain that “clear sense and calm trust” in the “recognition of life harmonious,” so we could hear our Father-Mother’s communications about our spirituality, wholeness, and freedom. Peace Haven is a tangible expression of God, divine Love, meeting our every human need. [References to Christian Science Hymnal, Hymn 145 and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, pgs. 494-495.]

From a Volunteer:

After I received wonderful care at Peace Haven following an accident, it was natural for me to give back by volunteering. When I learned that laundry folding volunteers would help save money, I thought, “I can do that!” When I agreed to help a patient record her finances, it gave me an opportunity to shed limitations. When I provided transportation for Peace Haven residents to the St. Louis Art Museum, it was a wonderful visit, and I look forward to more. When I witness the cheerfulness, steadfastness and Principle expressed by the nurses, their example reminds me to steadily behold the perfect man.

From a Parent-infant Care Recipient:

We wanted the loving, inspired, and skillful support of a Christian Science nurse to be a key part of welcoming our baby into our family. When our first child arrived in another city, we didn’t have this option, so we’re very grateful this service is available in St. Louis. We felt that a Christian Science nurse would be ideally positioned to work harmoniously with our certified midwife, our Christian Science Practitioner, and us. The Christian Science nurse helped us allay fear, communicate effectively with our midwife, act upon angel messages, and ultimately experience healing. We felt so loved and supported.

From a Donor:

My three principal charities are my branch church, Principia, and Peace Haven. Mrs. Eddy put the leaven of truth into three measures of meal— science, theology, and medicine. Mary Kimball Morgan put the same leaven into a fourth measure of meal — education. And I love the idea that Peace Haven is doing the same for a fifth measure — nursing. Investing in spiritual leaven is something I enjoy.

From an Outpatient Care Recipient:

When I needed help caring for a deep wound, the Christian Science nurses at Peace Haven provided outpatient care with such calm, trust, love, gentleness and confidence. Often I would leave feeling so enveloped in Love and comfort, it assured me that I WAS loved, that God had never left my side, and that of COURSE healing was going on! When the temptation to get discouraged seemed overwhelming, and I admitted this, the nurse responded with such compassion, firmness and love — assuring me that only good was going on — that my discouragement melted…it was a breakthrough for me!

From a Resident:

It was a clear directive from God that led me to move to Peace Haven’s independent living wing, and I followed with absolute trust in God’s plan for me. Peace Haven has a loving and supportive atmosphere in which to grow spiritually. For me, it is truly a haven, and it is home! I’ve learned that Christian Science nursing is the reflection of God as Mother, expressed in compassion, tenderness, mercy, comfort, peace and love. The administration of Peace Haven reflects God as Father through the expression of courage, strength, wisdom, understanding, order, peace, harmony, and love.

From a Donor:

By serving people relying on Christian Science for healing, Peace Haven has a powerful mission and serves a vital function. If Peace Haven weren’t here, more people would have to choose alternatives, like medical care. I donate to Peace Haven because I want to support the Christian Science movement for generations to come by making sure this care is available in perpetuity. I value that the organization is well-managed, and that there’s been so much progress — we’re not just doing what we’ve always done. The expansion of services like the visiting nurse service is just one example.

From a Christian Science Nurse and Trainer:

When I was a teenager needing to turn my life around and overcome a physical problem, I reconnected with prayer and Sunday School. I did find a sense of peace and purpose — and a physical healing, which led me to apply for Christian Science nurses training. I’ve always seen my Christian Science nursing ministry as an opportunity for personal spiritual growth, and it’s so clear how important this work is to the Christian Science movement. I love taking everything in Christian Science nursing back to the Manual of The Mother Church By-Law (Article 8, Sect. 31) — it’s inspirational, and forms a firm foundation for my nursing, and for my work as a nursing instructor.

From a Visiting Nurse Service Recipient:

I called Peace Haven for a Christian Science nurse to visit our home because they have a very high quality of thought, and do not impose any fear or concern about the physical picture. The nurse brought a palpable sense of calm and trust — no acknowledgment of danger or concern whatsoever. After she peacefully engaged all my children in a game, she gently took my son and me into another room to take care of his need. I saw first-hand how the “calm and exalted thought” dispels all fear, helping to impel the patient to a quick and complete Christian Science healing. (Quote refers to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 506.)

From a Daughter of Resident:

After spending time in a retirement community where the focus of conversation was on the body, and on world problems — without interest in solutions, my Mom’s top priority was to be in a Christian Science environment. In Peace Haven’s assisted living program, she feels independent, enjoys the inspiring activities to choose from, and feels like she’s contributing to a community. The staff often tells me how much she has helped them with an idea, or by loving and caring for them in return. She’s in an environment that expresses the “Church Universal and Triumphant,” and the practical application of that day-to-day. (Quote refers to “Historical Sketch,” Manual of The Mother Church, p. 19.)

From a Facility Committee Volunteer:

As a member of the facility committee, I’m inspired to support the healing that takes place at Peace Haven. It’s an organization that is on the move upward, wants to be its best, endeavors to utilize its facilities to their fullest potential, and has a “yes we can” desire to best support the healing needs of the field. I’m honored to serve as part of a stupendous and harmonious whole that includes other dedicated and qualified volunteers, and an outstanding Board and staff — all who have incredible metaphysical depth and dedication to reach new heights through divine inspiration.