Congratulations to our newest Christian Science nurses in training who completed the classroom portion of CSNA I instruction.

April 6, 2018

Peace Haven News

Congratulations to Andrew Spires and Megan Gerould who are training to be Christian Science nurses.  This May they completed the classroom portion of their CSNA I training and have now started their 6-weeks of mentored instruction at Peace Haven with a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse.

Andrew commented that he wants to become a Christian Science nurse because, “I was so filled with Love from what I heard and how I felt in the one day “Comfort’s Art: Exploring the Foundation and Practical Aspects of Christian Science Nursing” seminar held at Peace Haven in April 2018. I knew I wanted to learn more about this Christly work for our Church and its members. As I transitioned from providing full-time care for our daughter I wanted to shift my focus from past work as a Graphic Artist to supporting our Church and fellow Christian Scientists who are relying on Christian Science for healing. I knew nursing was connected to the words and works of Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy, however I was intrigued by how acutely it was and that Mrs. Eddy outlined the provision for this work in the Christian Science Manual as a By-law.”

And Megan shared: “I decided to go into Christian Science nursing because I have always felt this wonderful capacity to love—anyone, anything, just working together to ensure everyone’s happiness. I always enjoy thinking, “How can I make a patient’s day better?” and “What can I learn from them?” Everyone is a child of God, no matter what their age, and by working to maintain a harmonious atmosphere a wonderful sense of home can be shared with all.”

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Christian Science nurse, please contact us to explore the possibilities. Peace Haven offers this training in partnership with the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Please contact: Peace Haven Association: 314.965.3833 or by email:




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