2016 Treasurer’s Report

2016 Peace Haven Annual Meeting

bruceTreasurer’s Report, by Bruce Butterfield, Treasurer

Preparing a place and atmosphere to offer, serve, and support this healing outreach and nursing work is at the core of all Peace Haven does throughout the year–24/7, 365 days of the year. Our mission is to fully support this principle of an active expression of divine Love meeting the human need–in a spiritual sense, Heaven on earth, providing the healing “atmosphere of Soul” Science and Health (p. 587).

It is important to note that Peace Haven belongs to the Christian Science community as a whole and every church member is a stakeholder. It is our gift to each other–an outward expression of Soul–the devotion of all our hearts to the Christ and its healing mission. And we appreciate your past (as well as need your present and ongoing) prayerful and financial support of this important healing work. This past year, guest income, donations, and investments combined to provide about $2.7 million of income. This was wonderful–but expenses came in on budget at $3.2 million. Essentially we had expected $500,000 of additional contributions consistent with previous years.

So, after four years of balanced budgets, we closed out the year about a half a million dollars in the red. This coming year, we will need to raise $1 million to meet our nursing service needs. This past year, donations were provided from the following sources: Individual donations 5%: Bequests 25%: Foundations 70%:

A big goal for Peace Haven–and all of us–is to increase the number of individuals that donate (whatever the size of their individual gift). We demonstrate what we value in heart, and we so appreciate everyone’s support of the crucial healing nursing ministry that Peace Haven provides and serves. Thank you, each and every one, for continuing to be such an active contributor to, and part of, our Peace Haven family–metaphysically providing prayerful comfort, strength, and support.

Providing service and care to all our guests:

Over 9,800 days of care (an increase of nearly 20% over prior year)

  • An average of 27 guests per day served

Both total days of care and guests per day have increased by 300% over the past four years.

  • Over 10 home guests visited per month (sometimes several times per day—resulting in sometimes as many as 100 trips to homes in a given month)
  • Numerous levels of care offered, including:
    • Skilled Nursing
    • Light Assistance
    • Sheltered Care
    • Outpatient Service (2-3 per month)
    • Visiting Nurse Home Care
    • Child/Birth–Mother/Infant assistance
  • Expansion of geographic area served–now covering 11 states:
    • Midwest: IL, IN, MO, WI
    • South: AL, TN
    • Southeast: FL, GA, NC
    • West: AZ
  • Provision of $125,000 in benevolence to those qualifying for assistance

Maintaining our physical facility, including:

  • Major heating and air conditioning repair and replacement
  • Painting all West Wing guest rooms as well as a number of offices and foyers
  • Creating, remodeling, and preparing a nurses training room facility
  • Developing a preventive maintenance schedule (after having just completed a multi-year capital forecast)
  • Maintaining compliancy and accreditation (The Commission, MO state license, RNHCI status with Medicare)
  • Developing plans and next steps to build a new facility to replace our present aging and very costly-to maintain facility
  • Maintaining current training in responding to work place environment situations (OSHA, emergency prep)

Training, preparing, attracting, supporting, and cherishing Christian Science nurses by:

  • Increasing nursing staff (we now have 32 full-and part-time nurses)
  • Providing extensive and expansive nursing training
    • Continuing the Level I course
    • Adding the Level II course
    • Providing a new “Mother and Infant” course
  • Working to increase nurses’ salaries and benefits to a level worthy of such a loving, devoted profession and beautiful service provided

Peace Haven has had a wonderful year continuing to grow and bless the nursing cause and healing ministry!